Substance Abuse Depression


Substance abuse depression essentially refers to a type of substance abuse disorder that is triggered by the onset of depression.

Substance Abuse Depression


is currently one of the most prevalent psychological or mental problems that is taking over the world today; some experts even postulate that by the year 2020, depression would be the most prevalent condition in the world, one that is far worse than heart conditions.

Depression is characterized by a lack of enthusiasm, low energy, profound sadness, extreme fear and anger, psychosomatic aching in random parts of the body, withdrawal from loved ones and other social events (when previously engaged wholeheartedly), and an obsession with suicide.

Substance abuse depression


is essentially, based on the premise that substance abuse would help a person escape the negative feelings that come with being depressed. Substance abuse depression could also be related to the fact that at times, a person with substance abuse disorder would fall into a deep depression when denied his or her fix of the favored substance.

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