Substance abuse

Drug abuse and substance abuse is a problem that is universal and which is not related to a particular nation or geographical setting.

Many people across the globe abuse drugs and have literally become dependent on it. The reasons for these are varied and therefore major emphasis should be placed in reducing the effects of substance abuse as well as its elimination. The term substance abuse is synonymous with individuals who literally abuse drugs.

Substance abuse disorder is basically related to the change in a person’s behavior as a result of prolonged use of drugs. It’s imperative to note that cases of substance abuse disorder are prevalent all over the globe and therefore individuals should take measures to ensure that they reduce its effects.

Drug dependancy.

It’s imperative to note that substance abuse basically relates to the use and dependence of drugs. Many people across the globe abuse drugs because it provides them with a euphoric feeling that they can’t experience when sober. substance-abuse

However, the hard reality is that the feeling is short lived and when it’s over, the devastating effects set in. the abuse of drugs has become very prevalent especially among the youth all over the globe. The reasons for this are not hard to find. This is because a majority of people tend to curve in under peer influence and resort to the use of drugs. The false sense that drug users experience has been used as a justification by many abusers as to why they continue using drugs which are illegal.

Substance abuse disorder

Substance abuse disorder has become a teething problem to many countries because of the fact that drug abusers become fully dependent on drugs.

The result of this is that the abusers cannot literally do anything on their own and become controlled by drugs. Substance abuse disorder is also the cause of the change in behavior in individuals who abuse drugs.

Abusers tend to exhibit erratic behavior and become withdrawn.

Substance abuse disorder is common among abusers who are depressed or who are running away from deep rooted problems. They therefore result to abusing drugs as a way of running away from their problems. The problem with substance abuse is very dire and which many nations have to deal with. Many people who are into the abuse of drugs simply can’t do anything constructive as they are driven with drugs. substance-abuse

As such, they become unproductive and wholly dependent on drugs before they can do anything constructive.

Deep rooted problems

Substance abuse disorder is the reason why many abusers have lost direction and wholly depend on drugs. The behavioral change as a result of abusing drugs have a devastating effect on the relations that individuals have at places of work and even socially.

It’s imperative to note that substance abuse disorder has a devastating effect on the relation between an abuser his family members as well as friends.The fact that individuals end up becoming withdrawn serves to severe relations with friends and family members.

As is always the case, the rallying cry for individuals who abuse drugs is to purpose to change by seeking to get treatment and overcome the problem of drug addiction.