Substance Abuse Symptoms


While Substance Abuse Symptoms and substance abuse are fairly obvious, we often ignore them in favor of other explanations most probably because substance abuse, while fairly prevalent, is still something that many people are in denial about.


That being said, with Substance Abuse Symptoms you are requested to be open to the possibility that a loved one has substance abuse disorder, and as such, you must be watch out for some red flags that will alert you to that fact.

Substance Abuse SymptomsThe more subtle substance abuse symptoms would be fluctuations of weight, strange sleep cycles, excitability and agitation, hallucination and the like.


More obvious substance abuse symptoms would be would be if a person stops going to work, becomes less dependable when it comes to responsibilities, and if they start having legal problems, especially those involving criminal activity and money. The worst of the symptoms, however, include evidence of physical and mental deterioration – they would either have nasal problems such as sinusitis and nosebleeds or respiratory problems, depending on how they use their substance. If his or her teeth is deteriorating in conjunction with the other substance abuse symptoms, then it is very bad indeed.

In this section of the site, we will be listing down substance abuse symptoms that you should be watching out for, along with descriptions that would help you recognize them further as evidence of substance abuse disorder.