Substance Abuse Symptoms lets look.


Substance Abuse and the use of drugs is something which is prevalent all over the World. People abuse soft as well as hard drugs because of varied reasons. While there are some people who start abusing drugs subconsciously, the effect of the same is dire and goes to the root of the society. Individuals who abuse drugs exhibit a number of symptoms which are downright devastating. There are a number of substance abuse symptoms that come to the fore whenever we speak of individuals abusing drugs.

It’s imperative to note that the use of hard drugs has increased over the years.

The over-reliance on drugs has been seen in some quotas as an indication of a teething problem and a time bomb which is waiting to explode.

This is informed by the fact that substance abuse has served to degenerate individuals into wrecks. It has served to make them machines as they become controlled by drugs.
Substance abuse symptoms are many and varied depending on the drug that a particular individual is abusing.

Some of the substance abuse symptoms that are related to alcohol include:

• Increased anxiety
• Seizures
• Hallucinations
• Slurred speech

All these symptoms are an indication of an underlying problem. Substance abuses symptoms are deep rooted in the society play a very important role in ascertain the particular drug that a person is abusing. The substance abuse symptoms of individuals take cocaine include:

• Severe depression
• Reduced energy
• Slurred vision
• Heart problems


The symptoms associated with using drugs of various statures are many. Of paramount importance is the fact that they are vicious and could cause death of not treated early? Substance abuse symptoms are an indication of a tragedy that is waiting to happen. This is because many people have lost their lives from abusing drugs and as such it’s very important that individuals take caution and ensure that they seek the required treatment. Substance abuse symptoms are sometimes unique to a particular drug and are also similar depending on the class of the drugs. Drugs which are classified as hard drugs usually have the same symptoms.
Substance abuse symptoms of a dreaded and dangerous drug such as meth include:

• Depression
• Abdominal cramps
• Increased appetite
• Hallucinations
• Destruction of teeth
• Heart damage
• Weight loss

Cigarettes and alcohol

It’s imperative to note that substance abuse symptoms are very much devastating and therefore the need for individuals to make up their mind and quit the abuse of drugs. The resolve should be made for drugs which are considered soft such as smoking cigarettes and the use of alcohol. This is the only way to reduce the effects that come with using drugs and making the society drug free. Substance abuse symptoms are evident especially among individuals who have taken to abusing drugs as a lifeline. There are individuals who simply can’t function unless they are high or under the influence of drugs.

These devastating effects are the reason why many people are keen on dealing with substance abuse symptoms by enlightening individuals on the need to seek treatment and enroll in a rehabilitation center.